Welcome @home

Meet Louella from @home, a buzzing and immersive community cafe and entertainment venue in the heart of Salisbury.

How long have you lived/worked around Salisbury?
I was born here and raised here then I moved away from work and about a year ago moved back and opened @home. We’ve been open about 9 months now.

What gives you inspiration?
Walt Disney, not the movies not the parks but the man himself. His courage, vision and perseverance.

What are you looking forward to most in the next 12 months?
We are varying our opening times so we can trade for longer at the weekends. We are also opening up the place from 8am-5pm as a café again with live music and kids events. @home is hosting it’s first festival in June and is hosting Salisbury Pride again in August, we are excited to bring new things to Salisbury and keep it fresh for young professionals and their families.

Who would you like to credit as an influence?
I have to say my parents or they’ll kill me! They run several businesses and I’ve grown up knowing only that so that has helped a lot on the practical and admin side of things. Amanda Newbery at the Chapel has been my mentor from the word go and she has helped me no end and asked for nothing in return, no one knows the night time economy of Salisbury like here and @home wouldn’t be on its feet without her support and advice, at all hours sometimes! As for the concept of @home, it has been influenced by my wonderful career as a dancer and an actress. Some aspects are from Disney of course, some from the Edinburgh fringe, some from Lattitude festival and some from long car journeys imagining and creating.

Why do you love Salisbury?
Having worked in several jobs on several contracts all over the world Salisbury is a place I can come back to and breathe! I don’t have to explain myself or introduce myself or put on a front, here I can be me. Everyone knows me and knows my story and its a place I can fully relax amongst my family and friends. PLUS Salisbury is where all the animals are!

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